6 Spring HVAC Issues You May Avoid with Maintenance in Florence, SC

The beautiful scenery and nice weather in Florence, SC, make spring the perfect time to go outside and enjoy fun activities. It’s also the best time to address your HVAC system before the hot summer months. Let’s take a look at some of the most common spring HVAC issues you may avoid with maintenance.

1. Overdue Filter Change

The top maintenance tip is to change your air filters. However, it often gets overlooked. When a dirty filter becomes clogged, it can cause problems with your system’s operation. Consider the last time you changed your filter and commit to changing it according to a professional’s recommendation.

2. Worn-Out Refrigerant Lines

Refrigerant runs through your AC system through the lines. Over time, these lines can develop leaks due to normal wear and tear. Also, the insulation covering the cool line will eventually become worn.

You should schedule an annual inspection of the lines to ensure that they are in good shape. Replacing worn-out refrigerant lines will ensure that your system functions properly.

3. Annoying Noise from the AC System

When you hear a constant annoying noise coming from your HVAC system while it is running, you should not ignore it. Several issues can cause the AC to make noise, from a broken connecting rod to an unbalanced indoor blower. Fixing loose or damaged parts is the job of a professional HVAC repair technician.

4. An Unclean Outdoor Condenser or Evaporator

You should clean the outdoor condenser of your HVAC system each spring. Grass clippings and many other obstructions can block free airflow to the condenser coil. You can clean the condenser by turning off the power and then spraying off the condenser with your garden hose.

The evaporator, located in the air handler by the blower, can also collect dirt and dust from the air in your home. You should check the coils for dirt and ensure that no bacterial growth is developing on the coils. Using a brush and cloth to clean the coils or a self-rinsing coil cleaner will ensure that it is free from accumulated dirt.

5. A Clog in the Condensate Drain

When dirt and debris fall into the condensate drain, it can cause water to overflow in the condensate pan. If the condensate drain becomes clogged, a pool of water will form underneath the condenser. You may also hear water dripping on the inside.

When there is an obstruction in the condensate line, it creates a clog, causing the system to shut off at the overflow valve, and the unit will completely shut down. Part of a professional bi-annual maintenance plan includes treating drain pans and clearing the drain.

6. An Unexpected Increase in Your Electric Bill

If your last electric bill was much higher than normal, your HVAC system may be the problem. The increase in your energy costs may be a sign that the system isn’t working correctly. Any of the items previously mentioned can cause your system to work harder and cost more money.

Why Spring Maintenance Is So Important

Having your HVAC system serviced by a qualified technician will ensure that it’s operating within the manufacturer’s guidelines. When performing maintenance, the technician will clean dirty parts and replace worn components so that the system operates more smoothly. Regular maintenance will help the system reach its maximum useful life and avoid the need for a new system.

Springtime is the perfect season to schedule maintenance on your HVAC system. Doing so will ensure that the system is ready to perform more efficiently in the summer months when you need it more. While you may be able to do some of these items yourself, it’s best to have a professional perform your AC maintenance.

Delaying maintenance and repair can be the difference between fixing your HVAC system and purchasing a new one. Don’t wait until the heat of the summer to find out whether your air conditioner will still keep you and your family cool. Contact Air Solutions Heating and Cooling now to schedule maintenance on your HVAC system.

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