Indoor Air Quality in Sumter, SC and Surrounding Areas Including Shaw AFB

Healthy living goes beyond eating right and includes healthy breathing. Prioritize your respiratory and cardiac health by exploring ways to bring fresher, cleaner air into your home. The indoor air quality specialists at Air Solutions Heating and Cooling are trained to understand your concerns and explain the options. From simple remedies like better filtration to larger investments like a whole-house air humidifier or ventilator, we want to guide you to the right solutions to help you feel more comfortable at home.

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Dirty Indoor Air

  • Myth: Dirty air is something that happens near factories and along interstates, not in our own homes.
  • Fact: Indoor air can become many times more polluted than the air outside.

Environmental and health agencies consider indoor air pollution to be a major worry. In the U.S., buildings are made tight to prevent conditioned air from escaping and to save energy. Unfortunately, this also traps particulates and contaminants inside. These come from cooking, pollen, pet dander, smoking, hygiene products, cleaning sprays, off-gassing from carpets and furniture, and other sources.

Without plenty of fresh air coming in, the air becomes stale and contaminated. You can use ventilation fans, cut back on aerosols and other sprays, vacuum frequently and open the windows, but you may need better solutions.

Air Cleaners, Purifiers and More

We offer several products that give you more control over the air quality in your home. Some models may be compatible with your existing equipment; others may be a better choice if you’re upgrading your HVAC equipment. Our comfort specialists will work with you to understand your concerns and then recommend the best products to meet your needs.

For example, energy recovery ventilators bring in fresh air without hurting efficiency. If dry air is a problem, consider an integrated air humidifier that’s controlled by a smart thermostat. A whole-house air purifier might be right for someone suffering from extreme allergy, asthma or other respiratory symptoms.

Choose Cleaner Air Today

Breathing dirty, stale air is a true health concern. Sore throats, congestion and asthma attacks are just a few of the immediate effects. Longer term problems can include cancers and heart attacks. Your home should be your castle.

Let Air Solutions Heating and Cooling help you create the best possible environment for your household. In the Sumter, SC area, no one is more trusted for indoor comfort. Contact us today to learn more about our indoor air quality inspections and IAQ products. Put your health first with better indoor air quality. Our service area includes Sumter, Florence, Shaw AFB, SC and the surrounding areas.

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