7 Signs That You Need a New HVAC System in Sumter, SC

Are you concerned about whether your air conditioner will make it through another hot summer in Sumter, SC? Read on to learn more about the following seven signs that it might be time to consider a new HVAC system installation.

Your HVAC System Is Old

Most central air conditioners are built to last approximately 10–15 years. Even with regular maintenance, many of the major components of your HVAC system will start breaking down once they’ve been in use for a decade or more, so you’ll need a new air conditioner.

The fact that newer systems are built with energy efficiency advancements and more environmentally friendly refrigerant is another reason to think about replacement. This combination of features helps reduce your carbon footprint while saving on the energy bill.

Your Repair Bills Keep Coming In

Are you continually paying to fix new breakdowns? If those repair costs are more than half the cost of installing a new HVAC system, then it’s a good time to go ahead with replacement.

It’s highly likely that you’re going to continue paying for new repairs once your air conditioner starts breaking down on an ongoing basis. Buying a new system at that point is the intelligent choice. You’ll have a newfound confidence about keeping your home comfortable during the summer and realize a reduction in both energy and repair bills.

The Utility Bills Keep Rising

Energy bills will fluctuate periodically. However, you shouldn’t see a substantial spike in those costs when comparing what you spent in prior years. If you do see a significant rise in the power bill, then you either need a maintenance check or a full system replacement.

Conducting regular maintenance is always the first option. For example, regularly replacing your air filters and getting an annual tune-up by your professional AC technician will increase the lifespan of your HVAC system. At some point, however, all systems stop functioning properly, and that’s when you want to install a new air conditioner.

Inconsistent Temperatures

There are basic HVAC repairs that can be done when you notice that your home is sometimes too cold or too hot. These repairs might include:

  • Fixing leaky ductwork
  • Replacing clogged air filters
  • Refilling low fluids
  • Replacing damaged thermostats

On the other hand, inconsistent temperatures indicate that your HVAC system is losing its ability to function properly on a long-term basis. This is when you want to discuss the benefits of replacement with your HVAC technician.

Your Home Has Become Dusty

Your HVAC system needs to provide the appropriate amount of ventilation in your home. Indoor air quality should improve with a well-functioning air conditioner, as dander, dust, dirt and other debris are removed from your living environment. If you notice more dust in your house, then it may be a sign that your HVAC system can’t optimally perform its job anymore.

Odd Noises and Odors

Are weird sounds coming from your HVAC system? You shouldn’t be hearing squealing, popping, grinding or rattling noises when your air conditioner is running. These are signals to get the system inspected and possibly replaced.

It’s also a bad sign to smell unpleasant odors coming from your vents. For instance, a melting odor might signal that something is wrong with the wiring. Get this inspected immediately, so it doesn’t cause a fire.

Increased Running Time

Older HVAC systems that are close to expiration will need to start up more often than normal. They also need to run longer in order to get your home down to the desired temperature. Repairing a bad blower motor or bad coils might fix this issue.

If your technician reports that the blower motor and coils are working well, then the increased running time signals that your system can’t circulate air efficiently anymore. It’s likely a good time to consider replacing your system.

Scheduling a professional tune-up appointment is the first step toward determining whether you need a simple repair or a full system replacement. Call one of our friendly Air Solutions Heating and Cooling representatives to schedule your next maintenance check and explain what the best course of action is for your HVAC system.

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