Is Your Heat Pump Ready for the Holiday Season in Sumter, SC?

One of the more important parts of your HVAC system is the heat pump that pushes hot air out during the winter and transfers warm air inside in the winter. You have a lot on your mind during the busy holiday season and likely don’t want to worry about your heat pump, too. Learn some simple tips to ensure your heat pump is ready for everything you want to do around the holidays.

Schedule an Inspection

You won’t have nearly as much fun entertaining this holiday season if your heat pump fails in the middle of a party and needs an emergency repair. Scheduling one of our HVAC technicians to inspect the heat pump and handle HVAC maintenance is the best way to ensure it’s ready for your winter plans.

With a maintenance plan, you don’t need to spend as much time getting your heat pump ready. Your technician can look for some of the common problems that affect other Sumter homes and verify that it’s ready for the cold season. Opt for a maintenance appointment or tune-up at least once a year.

Consider a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat increases the efficiency of your heating system, which reduces your heating bills. It allows you to program settings that use the heat pump most effectively.

A smart thermostat also comes in handy if you plan on going out of town. You don’t want to leave the heat off and risk your pipes freezing, but you also don’t want to leave the heat running full blast and come home to a high heating bill. No matter how long you plan to be away, you can schedule the thermostat to run at different times to prevent damage and keep your home at the right temperature.

Check the Vents

Avoid placing objects near and around your ducts and vents. Those items block the vents and prevent the warm air from coming out. This makes some rooms feel colder than others and may interfere with your thermostat’s temperature readings.

If this happens, the thermostat sends a signal to the heat pump that it’s too cold, which makes it kick on and release more heat. Some or all of that heat will hit the objects near the vents, and very little will reach the rest of the room. Your heat pump needs to work harder than it should just to increase your home’s temperature.

Clean the Ducts

Your ducts are just as important as your vents because the air produced by the heat pump moves through them. Before you host loved ones for the holidays, arrange for duct cleaning. Duct cleaning usually takes five hours or less.

Not only does this take care of any debris or clogs in the ducts, but it also detects gaps and tears that allow warm air to escape. Duct cleaning and repairs will make your heat pump operate more efficiently.

Before You Leave

While Sumter is gorgeous in the winter, you may need to leave for a few days or longer on vacation or to visit family. Before you leave, make sure that someone is available to check on your home. They need to make sure the thermostat comes on as needed and that your home is warm.

You’ll also want to hire someone to remove broken or diseased tree limbs that could fall down and damage your outdoor condenser. Remove sticks and other debris from the yard before you vacate the home. They can blow into an unprotected unit.

Contact Us Before You Have Problems

Get your heat pump ready for the holiday season whether you plan to leave or stick close to home. Nobody wants to lose their heat over the holidays when the house may be vacant or full of guests. Reach out to Air Solutions Heating and Cooling for heat pump service and maintenance in Sumter, SC before the holidays arrive.

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