3 Common Air Conditioning Noises in Sumter, SC

As the fan blows and the AC circulates air in your Sumter, SC, home, your air conditioner will make a steady low sound. However, if the sound becomes more audible with a change in tune, this could indicate a problem. Here are strange noises your air conditioner may make when it requires professional AC repairs, replacement or maintenance.

1. Loud Whirring Sounds

When your air conditioner starts to make loud noises with a whirring tune, you probably have a faulty blower fan. Fans blow a lot of air into your home via the HVAC system ducting, and if they have problems, they can whir.

When the blower fan fails mechanically due to age or poor maintenance, your air conditioning system will frequently produce whirring sounds. It could also whir if grime and dirt particles clogged its interior. Air conditioning maintenance and regular repairs can solve these problems.

2. Lugging Sounds

Air conditioners tend to lug when the capacitors wear out. Capacitors supply your air conditioner’s compressor with adequate startup power. Just like other components, capacitors are prone to wear and tear and can incur damage over time.

Once damaged, capacitors no longer supply enough startup power to the compressor. As it struggles to meet the power quota your compressor needs, it may lug, creating buzzing sounds. The ultimate solution to faulty capacitors is to replace them.

3. Screeching and Grinding Sounds

Grinding and screeching sounds symbolize faulty blower duct air filters. The air filters in your blower duct can’t go past their given lifespan even with proper maintenance. Besides, if they get dirty, the blower ducting may experience air backflow.

The backflow of air is often the reason the air filters make those screeching or grinding noises. The noises come as the blower duct tries to push air out.

Whenever you detect weird air conditioning noises, call our technicians at Air Solutions Heating and Cooling for prompt HVAC system inspection and repairs. Our specialists are good at what they do, and we promise to provide premium services at friendly prices.

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