3 Habits That Damage IAQ in Florence, SC

Since the average person spends so much time indoors, high indoor air quality is important for staying comfortable and remaining healthy. Low IAQ can trigger allergies, diminish sleep quality, and damage respiratory health. So that you don’t experience these harmful effects, here are some bad habits you should avoid that damage IAQ in Florence, SC.

Not Changing Your Air Filters

Over time, your HVAC system’s air filters will become dirty and coated with debris as a result of catching them before they get into the system itself. If the filter is full, it won’t be able to remove the particulates from your air, which won’t just decrease your system’s efficiency and lead to an increased need for maintenance — it can leave the particulates circulating throughout your home, lowering your IAQ. Make sure to check your filter on a monthly basis and clean or replace it as needed.

Not Cleaning Up After Your Pets

Unfortunately, household pets are one of the principal sources of gradually diminishing IAQ. Over time, pets shed their hair and dander, and that material can get into your air at home. Grooming them regularly will help prevent dander from getting into the air and lowering its quality.

Using Volatile Organic Compounds

Household cleaning products, hair sprays, and numerous other common items sometimes contain volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Even new furniture or decorations can give off VOCs as well, all of which can lower your IAQ. When using cleaning and other VOC-containing products, make sure to ventilate your space to prevent the VOCs from staying in your air.

It may even be a good idea to switch to natural products that aren’t associated with VOCs. If you can’t ventilate your space when using products that contain them, though, consider investing in an air purifier to help remove them from your indoor air.

Maintaining good IAQ is essential to maintaining good health and quality of life. Luckily, this is something that you can very much bring under your control by avoiding a few bad habits. If you need help taking things to the next level, just call Air Solutions Heating and Cooling and request our indoor air quality services.

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