3 Top Innovative HVAC Features You Should Consider

Innovative technology is taking the world by storm, and the HVAC industry is no exception. If you’re looking for ways to improve the efficiency and comfort of your home, take a look at some of the HVAC features that are changing the industry. Although some features aren’t available yet, others are transforming the way homeowners heat and cool their homes.

Ice-Powered Air Conditioning

A company in California developed a unique ice-powered air conditioning system that cools down the interior of a building by freezing water in a tank overnight. It’s mainly designed for commercial use since it needs a period of time to freeze the water in the tank, which is then used for cooling throughout the day. However, with some additional tweaks and improvements, ice-powered AC could be something that changes the efficiency of cooling.

Movement-Activated Air Conditioning

Engineers have come up with a new design for air conditioning that activates based on movement in a specific area. It works with aluminum rods that hang from the ceiling, which determine when movement is present. If no one is moving, the air conditioner won’t cycle on, keeping energy costs under control. Smart thermostats are utilizing some of the same features, making automatic adjustments to your energy usage based on habits, but movement-based heating and cooling is certainly something to be aware of for the future.

Air Purification Features

Indoor air quality is a concern among many homeowners because it can result in a number of allergic symptoms and health concerns. Adding features to your HVAC system that purify the air you breathe can reduce these symptoms and help your family breathe easier. A whole-home air purifier is a good option, which can be incorporated into your HVAC system and reduce the contaminants in the air. A dehumidifier may also benefit your home if you struggle with high moisture levels.

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