3 Ways Preventive Maintenance Saves You Money

Staying comfortable all year long in the Sumter, South Carolina, area can be costly. Summers are typically hot and sticky. Winters are brief but cold. High utility bills are inevitable, but investing in semi-yearly preventive maintenance can make a significant difference. Here are three important ways routine HVAC maintenance can save you money on heating and cooling.

Improved Efficiency

You’re probably aware of the fact that some HVAC systems are much more efficient than others. What you may not know is that HVAC maintenance is essential to keeping your system working at its peak efficiency. A clogged air filter alone can reduce your system’s efficiency by as much as 15 percent. Regular maintenance keeps your system clean, lubricated and capable of maintaining a comfortable temperature with as little energy as possible.

Extended Service Life

A typical central heating and cooling system lasts for about 15 to 20 years. Once that time is up, it typically requires a costly installation of a brand new system. With routine maintenance, however, you can extend your system’s service life and put off the cost of replacement. In fact, investing in low-cost maintenance can keep your existing system chugging on for years to come.

Greater Reliability

A sudden HVAC breakdown is an unexpected expense that no one wants to deal with. That’s especially true of problems that require emergency repairs. Fortunately, preventive maintenance can identify and correct the small issues that often turn into serious breakdowns. It’s the best way to boost your system’s reliability and head off a variety of problems before they even begin.

No one likes to lose money unnecessarily. Keeping your HVAC system well-maintained is a great way to make sure you aren’t wasting money on your utility bills. To explore other ways you can save money, check out Air Solutions Heating and Cooling’s HVAC maintenance services or call today to speak with a comfort specialist.

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