4 HVAC Maintenance Tips to Heed for the Fall in Sumter, SC

While fall has lots of things to offer, including beautiful foliage and football watch parties, it also marks the onset of cold weather. Among the things to add to your to-do list is ensuring that your HVAC system is doing its job and changing the setting from cooling to heating. Here are four HVAC maintenance tips to heed for the fall in Sumter, SC.

1. Check Your Air Filters

When air filters become dirty, the efficiency of your HVAC system drops. Inspect the air filters at least once a month and have our HVAC professionals help you replace the filters every 30 to 90 days, depending on how often you use your system.

2. Keep the Vents Spotless

During summer, dust and debris can clog the vents of your HVAC system. These particles lead to the loss of HVAC efficiency, especially if it builds up on your coil and blower. Carrying out this maintenance tip will save you a lot on utility costs.

3. Keep Your Outdoor Unit Free from Dirt

Lots of dirt, including leaves, dust, twigs and debris, can collect in your outdoor unit, where they may cause serious damage and or become a potential fire hazard. Keeping your outdoors clean and ensuring your unit is free from dirt will save you on repair costs in the long run.

4. Inspect and Adjust Your Thermostat

Inspect your thermostat and ensure that it displays the accurate temperature reading and is functioning properly. Also, adjust the settings as kids are back at school and the house may be empty for most of the day.

Tweak the temperatures to comfortable settings that correspond with the temperatures at different times of the day. Where necessary, invest in one of our programmable thermostats.

It is also important to check the condensate drain, listen for strange noises, clean all the registers and schedule maintenance. Reach out to us today at Air Solutions Heating and Cooling, and have your system inspected in preparation for winter demands.

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