4 Possible Causes of Your Home’s Reduced Airflow in Sumter, SC

Getting through the long winter days in Sumter, SC, starts with having a great working HVAC system. If you’ve noticed that your system seems to be producing less airflow than normal, it could be due to a few different issues.

1. Blocked Air Vents

There are air vents throughout your home that are responsible for pulling in cold air and pushing out warm air. Whenever these vents become blocked, it can drastically reduce the amount of airflow that a room receives.

Blocked vents also affect your indoor air quality. Take a few minutes and assess each vent throughout your home to see if it’s accidentally shut or if there’s a physical object blocking it.

2. Clogged Air Filter

Probably the most likely reason that you’re experiencing reduced airflow with your HVAC system is that your air filter has unwanted debris stuck in it. As your HVAC system’s air filter works, it becomes clogged with loose debris like dust. Replacing your air filter is necessary when it becomes clogged, or it will restrict the airflow for your system.

3. Leaky Ductwork

The ductwork throughout your home is responsible for adequately moving air from room to room. Whenever your ductwork has large leaks or many small leaks, the heated air can escape out of the ductwork and into your wall cavities. You’ll need to call in a professional to seal up your ducting to prevent unnecessary heat loss.

4. Blocked Ductwork

If your ductwork isn’t leaking, it could be physically blocked. The most common culprit is a large pest infestation that will need a professional exterminator. In some rarer cases, a large buildup of dust and other debris can accumulate in your ducting and physically restrict the airflow from your HVAC system.

If you’re still struggling with poor airflow, it’s time to call the experts at Air Solutions Heating and Cooling for heating repair. We offer top-quality service for all of our loyal customers.

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