4 Signs of an Inefficient HVAC System in Florence, SC

Summertime in Florence, SC, can reach uncomfortably high temperatures. You can’t afford for your HVAC to be inefficient during the peak of summer. If you’re suspicious about your AC’s operational efficiency, here are four signs that can definitively tell you if your system needs a tune-up.

Faulty Thermostat Readings

A faulty thermostat sensor causes the unit to operate inefficiently by aiming for temperature ranges that you didn’t set. The result is that you get either a warmer or colder climate than you expected. An HVAC technician can perform an inspection to see if the thermostat needs a repair or replacement.

Drainage Issues

Pipe leaks that lead to water or refrigerant buildup are other common signs of an inefficient HVAC unit. A common culprit is a clogged condensation line, which restricts condensation from draining into the drain pan. Left unchecked, the water buildup leads to bacterial growth, which can be hazardous to your family’s health.

Dirty Filters

A filter that’s clogged with dirt and debris can’t maintain steady airflow, which leads to your AC unit having to work harder to regulate temperatures. If you’re unable to clean or replace the filters yourself, HVAC professionals can offer a routine maintenance check that includes thorough cleaning or perform a complete replacement of your filter.

Suspiciously High Utility Bills

A shockingly high energy bill is another telltale sign that your AC is working at suboptimal levels. Any mechanical problems under the hood may result in your AC running for longer cycles or working harder to maintain your preset temperatures. If you’re unsure of what the issue is, it’s best to consult with an experienced and insured HVAC technician to avoid inflicting any damage to your AC unit.

If you observe one or more of the signs listed above, it’s time to get your air conditioner checked. Give Air Solutions Heating and Cooling a call today to discuss the best approach for your HVAC maintenance needs.

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