4 Signs Your Heat Pump Is Improperly Sized in Sumter, SC

A heat pump system should match your indoor temperature regulation needs to keep you comfortable. If you have an improperly sized system, this is likely not happening, and your best course of action is to replace it rather than continue to repair it. We will discuss some signs that indicate your heat pump is the wrong size for your home in Sumter, SC.

1. Short Cycling

Short cycling happens when a heat pump fails to complete temperature regulation cycles. The system starts a cooling or heating cycle, shuts down part of the way through, and starts again.

Short cycling is common when you have an oversized heat pump. This occurs because its capabilities exceed your home’s heating or cooling load.

Multiple other heat pump issues can cause your system to short-cycle. Therefore, before you decide to replace your heat pump, allow a technician to inspect it to correctly identify the issue.

2. Running Constantly

Unless you own a variable-speed heat pump, an optimally functioning heat pump should run in cycles of about 10-20 minutes to cool or heat your house. An undersized heat pump runs nonstop because it cannot keep up with the demands of your home. It will not maintain the thermostat’s requested temperature no matter how long it runs.

3. Hot and Cold Spots in Your House

An oversized heat pump does not take time to spread the cooled or heated air evenly in your house. Consequently, various rooms in your house will have different temperatures.

Conversely, an undersized system cannot satisfy your entire home’s temperature needs. Therefore, there will be rooms that are warmer or cooler than others.

4. Regular Breakdowns and High Energy Bills

Short cycling and running constantly increase the strain on your heat pump’s parts. Increased strain causes your heat pump to break down more often and reduces its lifespan.

This causes your repair costs and your energy bill to go up. If you notice a spike in your energy bills despite having a newer heat pump system, the size is most likely the issue.

Our team will install a correctly sized system to ensure your home remains comfortable. Call Air Solutions Heating and Cooling for outstanding heat pump services in Sumter, SC.

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