4 Ways Pets Lower Indoor Air Quality in Florence, SC

Our pets are a joy to have around, but they can contribute to lowering our indoor air quality (IAQ). That is because dogs and cats release allergens and odors that end up in the air, possibly making it difficult for you to breathe. Let’s discover how your pets can lower the indoor air quality in your Florence, SC, home.

1. Dander

Your pet’s fur contains dander, which is the tiny skin cells that your pet sheds during daily life. This dander becomes a part of your indoor air as your pet shakes and scratches, which can cause irritation for anyone sensitive to it, such as people allergic to your pet. Brushing and bathing your pet regularly can reduce the amount of dander they shed, which in turn can improve your indoor air quality.

2. Hair

Pet hair can end up floating throughout your home, and you and your human household members inhale it when you breathe. Additionally, pollen, dust and other pollutants also become attached to your pet’s hair and build up inside your house’s air, lowering its quality. Your air filters may catch the hair and stop it from circulating, but you need to change them regularly to keep your system working optimally and prevent the need for repairs associated with clogged filters.

3. Urine

Your pet’s urine has microorganisms and bacteria inside it that can pose health problems if inhaled. Even when dried, urine particles can break down and get into your air, where your home’s occupants can then breathe them in. Cleaning up messes promptly is an easy way to prevent your pet’s waste from impacting your indoor air quality.

4. Products Used on Your Pets

Even if they’re safe for use on pets, many pet products can actually lower your indoor air quality by the simple virtue of not being intended for inhalation. Some items, like toys or pet furniture, can also let off chemicals used in the manufacturing process, called off-gassing. Without proper ventilation, these particulates can lead to respiratory irritation and allergies.

If you have noticed that your home’s air quality needs some work, we can offer you air purifiers, air cleaners and many other products. Contact us at Air Solutions Heating and Cooling for the solutions you need to improve your indoor air quality in Florence, SC.

Image provided by iStock

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