5 Differences in Furnaces and Heat Pumps in Shaw, SC.

Every home needs heat, but should you get a furnace or a heat pump? The choice can be tricky for homeowners, but luckily you don’t have to make it alone. Your local heating experts are here to help, and we’ll start by explaining five of the key differences between heat pumps and furnaces.

1. Extreme Weather vs. Mild Weather

Because gas furnaces burn fuel, they can produce heat under any conditions. This means that they can keep your home warm during even the most extreme cold.

Heat pumps don’t use fuel but instead heat the air around them. During bouts of extreme cold, they may not be able to produce enough heat.

2. Hot vs. Cold

The air from a heat pump isn’t as hot as the air from a furnace. If you want a hot and dry feeling, a furnace is what you need. If you’re looking for something less intense, a heat pump may be more your style.

3. 15 Years vs. 20 Years

Heat pumps usually last for about 15 years. Furnaces can last 20 or more with proper professional maintenance.

4. Combustible Fuel vs. Electric Power

Furnaces burn fuel inside a combustion chamber to produce heat. Heat pumps don’t use fuel. They use electricity to pull heat from the outside air and use it to replace the cooler air in your home.

5.95% vs. 300% Efficiency

Some heat pumps can produce roughly 300% more energy than they use. In contrast, furnaces are 95-97% efficient at most.

Choosing between a furnace and a heating pump is a big decision, and we at Air Solutions Heating and Cooling in Shaw, SC are here to help. Give Air Solutions Heating and Cooling a call today, and we’ll help you select the heating system that’s right for you.

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