Help! I Think My Thermostat in Florence, SC Is Broken

A broken thermostat can make your Florence, SC, home uncomfortable. Before you panic, though, it’s important to see if you can spot the problem and get some help. Follow the guide to learn about the most common symptoms of a broken thermostat.

1. Your Thermostat Won’t Turn On

If your thermostat shows no signs of life when you hit the power button, then you may have a wiring problem. Alternatively, there might be a speck of dust or dirt underneath the button. If nothing is obviously wrong with your thermostat’s exterior, then it’s probably a good idea to call a professional.

2. Your HVAC System Won’t Turn Off

The thermostat’s job is to regulate the activity of your HVAC system. If you try turning off your heater, only to find it running on full blast throughout the night, then your thermostat could be malfunctioning.

Replacing the thermostat’s batteries and resetting it might fix the problem. If it doesn’t, you could have bigger issues.

3. Different Rooms in Your Home Have Different Temperatures

Unless you’ve specifically set your home to have different temperatures in different areas, the temperature should be pretty uniform throughout. Differing temperatures could be due to a problem with your HVAC system. It’s often a sign that your thermostat isn’t properly communicating with your heating and cooling system.

4. The Temperature Changes Very Slowly

It’s normal for it to take an hour or two to heat your home, but it certainly shouldn’t take a whole day. To see whether the problem is with your thermostat or your HVAC system, hold your hand up to an air vent after turning the temperature up a few degrees. If your thermostat is working, then you should start to feel hot air flowing over your hand within 10 minutes.

Do you suspect that your HVAC problems are due to a broken or malfunctioning thermostat? Our certified team of heating and cooling professionals can help you figure out what’s wrong. To learn about all our HVAC repair services, contact Air Solutions Heating and Cooling today.

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