Is My Heat Pump Low on Refrigerant in Florence, SC?

Refrigerant is critical to the performance and operation of a heat pump. This is why the refrigerant levels in your heat pump need to be maintained at optimum levels. Check out the following warning signs to know if your Florence, SC heat pump is low on refrigerant.

Icing Over

When the heat pump is running, it pulls in warmth from the air around it and transfers it into or out of your home. If there isn’t enough refrigerant, this process can’t happen correctly. The ice forms because the lack of refrigerant causes the heat pump to work harder, lowering the coils’ temperature. This causes moisture in the air to condense and freeze on the coils.

A Gurgling Sound

A gurgling sound from your heat pump is a sign that it is low on refrigerant. This happens when the refrigerant flows out of the system and forms air bubbles. The bubbling of the refrigerant causes the sound as it moves through the system.

Inefficient Heating and Cooling

The heating and cooling output of your heat pump is directly related to the level of refrigerant in the system. When the level of refrigerant is low, the heat pump will be less able to circulate the refrigerant, leading to lower heating and cooling output.

Water Leakage

A heat pump that is low on refrigerant will often result in water leaking from the unit. This is because the ice on the evaporator coils will start to thaw and drip water. This can cause damage to your floors and furniture, as well as create a mess.

A refrigerant leak could be potentially damaging to a heat pump. If your heat pump exhibits any of these signs, it could be a sign it is low on refrigerant, which could impact its performance. Here at Air Solutions Heating and Cooling, we have expert technicians standing by to help you maintain optimal heating and cooling in your home, so call today for an appointment.

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