Is My Sumter, SC HVAC System Harming My Health?

Fall is officially here in Sumter, South Carolina, which makes it a great time to evaluate your current HVAC system to make sure it isn’t affecting your health. Poorly circulated air can make health concerns worse or mask the presence of harmful compounds. Determine if your system needs your attention today and avoid health risks tomorrow.

Dust and Particulates

Some of the biggest culprits to invade your HVAC system come in the form of dust and dirt. These tiny particulates get trapped in air ducts and continually circulate throughout your system. Since air can recirculate several times a day, dirty air may be pushed through your vents over and over. This can exacerbate respiratory conditions or lead to breathing-related problems.


HVAC systems that use natural gas or oil can lead to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in the air. Leaking systems can affect indoor air quality and worsen asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Leaks can damage your entire system and result in serious health problems if a professional doesn’t repair the leak. If you find yourself suffering from flu-like symptoms, have your system checked for leaks right away to avoid risks to your health.


Strange odors from your HVAC ducts or vents may indicate the presence of biological growth. Dust and dirt add to the accumulation of particles and lead to the growth of these substances. A proper system cleaning can prevent the growth of harmful materials and properly freshen your indoor air.

If your HVAC system is performing poorly, it can have an affect on your overall health and well-being. Avoid making respiratory conditions worse from unseen particles in your air by keeping your system in optimal working condition. At Air Solutions Heating and Cooling, we can check your system for the dirty ducts, leaks, and odors that may put your health at risk. Call us at 803-753-4830.

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