Tankless Water Heaters Help Homeowners Conserve Energy

Are you looking for ways to slash your energy usage and save money on monthly utility costs? Tankless water heaters could be the money-saving answer you’ve searched for. Here are some ways this high-tech water heating system helps you conserve energy at your Florence, SC, home.

More Efficient Water Heating

According to research posted on EnergyStar.gov’s website, water heating costs make up 13% of your annual utility bill spending. While that might not seem like a lot, it can add up. If you currently use a tank water heater, think about how often the water in your 40 or 50-gallon tank needs to be heated to ensure you always have hot water.

Fortunately, tankless water heating is more efficient. Since tankless water heaters heat water on demand, there’s never a need for constant heating and reheating water stored in a tank, and you’ll spend less money on gas or electric costs.

Is a Tankless Water Heater the Right Choice for Your Home?

Tankless water heating is a good option for most homes. The compact design of the heating units makes them the perfect fit for small homes with limited space, and the units can be hung on walls in basements, utility closets, and garages.

Something worth considering if you have many people living in the house is that you might have to purchase more than one tankless water heater. Large families that use a lot of hot water need to consult with qualified service technicians to design a plumbing system that meets their specific needs. In some situations, you might find using a combination of tankless and tank water heaters the most cost-effective, energy-saving option.

Choosing the Best System to Conserve the Most Energy

As with any appliance, not all are created equally. To get the most energy savings from tankless water heater installation, work closely with knowledgeable experts to determine your home’s water flow. For more information about tankless water heaters and professional installation services, contact a qualified service technician at Air Solutions Heating and Cooling today.

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