Troubleshooting Your Heat Pump When It’s Blowing Cold in Shaw AFB, SC

When it’s still chilly outside in Shaw AFB, SC, the last thing you want to deal with is a broken heat pump. When you feel cool air coming out of your vents, there may or may not be cause for alarm. There are three reasons why you might feel air coming from your heat pump that is colder than you’d wish.

Cooler Air

The first possibility is that there is nothing wrong, and the device is working correctly. However, you may be new to how a heat pump works.

By design, the pump will pull heat from the outside air. Then, it will increase the temperature up to 50 degrees above the outside temperature. If it’s freezing outside, then the heat pump’s maximum capacity will be lower, making the air seem cooler by comparison.

The air will feel cooler compared to your hand’s body heat, but it’ll be sufficient enough to warm the house. In this case, there’s no need for alarm. In time, you’ll notice the difference.

Defrost Cycle

The second reason you may feel colder air from your heat pump is that it’s going through a defrost cycle. It’s normal for your heater to do this, and it should be no cause for worry. It should only last a few minutes.

Other Issues

In any other case, there may indeed be an issue with your system. The solution could range from quick maintenance tasks to the need to replace your heater altogether. Possible issues include the following:

  • The compressor is non-operational.
  • Your unit iced over.
  • There are low refrigerant levels.
  • Your reversing valve went bad.
  • It’s stuck in AC mode.

To prevent these problems from happening, it’s necessary to schedule a tune-up at least once per year before the need for heat arises. Regular maintenance saves you time, money and hardship in the long run.

If you suspect that any of the above may be the issue or you’re unsure and would like to talk to an HVAC repair professional, contact the Air Solutions service team. We are available 24/7 to provide emergency help.

Image provided by iStock

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