Why Is My AC So Noisy in Shaw AFB, SC?

AC manufacturers design modern systems to produce relatively little noise so property owners can enjoy maximum indoor comfort in peace. If your system starts making strange, distracting noises, it is a sign of an underlying issue that needs prompt repair. Here are common issues that can lead to a noisy AC system in Shaw AFB, SC.

1. Clicking Sounds

Most air conditioners produce a clicking sound at the start or end of a cooling cycle that’s usually low in volume. Sometimes, however, you may notice loud clicking that continues as long as the system works.

A malfunctioning thermostat is often a source of clicking sounds. They can happen when there isn’t an adequate power supply to the device due to faulty electrical connections. For battery-powered thermostats, the battery may be dead, and you should replace it with a new one.

2. Loud Whistling

Over time, the air ducts can accumulate dirt and debris, which restrict airflow. This problem is common when you are using ineffective air filters, when the ducts have gaps that allow pests and debris inside or when you don’t change your air filters regularly enough.

When debris accumulates in the return ducts, the air conditioner will overwork to draw in air from the house. This creates pressure, and as the air rushes through narrow passages, it makes whistling sounds.

3. Screeching Sounds

Air conditioners can make noises that resemble metal dragging against a metallic surface. A damaged blower fan can make this noise when the blades are loose or misaligned. When it rotates, the blades drag on the internal unit’s casing.

It may also be due to a faulty or unlubricated fan motor or damaged bearings. If you hear loud screeching, turn off the system to prevent damage to the internal components. You should then contact a professional to check the cause of the problem.

Strange noises tell you something is wrong with your air conditioning system. For reliable AC repair services, do not hesitate to contact us at Air Solutions Heating and Cooling.

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