Why Is My Heat Pump Heating While in Cooling Mode in Florence, SC?

Heat pumps are powerful and versatile tools, but they aren’t immune from the occasional problem. If your heat pump starts heating your Florence, SC home when it should be cooling it, it can be quite irritating. Luckily, once you have information about the cause of this malfunction, you’ll be able to have technicians fix it.

Check Your Thermostat

Sometimes, the solution to the mess of improper and unnecessary heating can be as simple as checking your thermostat. It’s possible that your thermostat’s temperature setting is too high without your knowledge.

Alternatively, the device could simply not be communicating with the heat pump properly. If the latter happens, anything from frayed wiring to broken parts could be the cause, which means you’ll need help from an HVAC repair technician to resolve the problem.

Dirty Air Filters or Coils

Over time, your system’s air filters will accumulate dirt and other debris, correspondingly losing effectiveness. Airflow will diminish as a result, and your heat pump can malfunction in many ways, including heating your home instead of cooling it. Thankfully, you can change out air filters on your own, which professionals recommend doing at least once every 60 to 90 days.

Filthy coils, however, are a more difficult matter. If grass, dirt, or other debris gets into this component, you might be able to clean out some of the detritus with a hose. However, it’s generally best to request a heat pump maintenance check and leave all evaporator coil issues to the professionals.

Reversing Valve Malfunction

The reversing valve is what allows heat pumps to switch between heating and cooling modes. If this valve malfunctions for any reason, your unit will remain stuck in one or the other of its modes until a professional arrives to fix things.

We’ve only discussed some of the possible reasons why a heat pump might start heating while in cooling mode. When you call Air Solutions Heating and Cooling, our professional technicians can come to your Florence, SC residence, provide heat pump services and take care of all potential problems.

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