Why Is My Thermostat in Recovery Mode in Sumter, SC?

The recovery mode feature on thermostats can be useful for homeowners in Sumter, SC. However, you may not know what it means or what is happening to your HVAC system when recovery mode is active. Let’s review some reasons why thermostats may enter recovery mode and what that means.

Normal Operation

The most likely explanation for your thermostat being in recovery mode is that it’s simply carrying out a normal function, and you have nothing to worry about. Recovery mode is a special feature through which your thermostat can command your HVAC system to begin warming or cooling your home earlier than other thermostats might. Rather than just starting to heat or cool your home at the time you’ve chosen, recovery mode can gradually bring your home to its ideal temperature so that it’s already there when your chosen time arrives.

The purpose of this arrangement is to save energy. When your HVAC system uses small amounts of energy to gradually but consistently heat or cool your home, it uses less energy overall.

HVAC Issues

Your thermostat can also go into recovery mode as a protective measure when your system isn’t functioning properly. It kicks in as an attempt to maintain your home at the desired temperature.

Many things might happen to your HVAC system that could cause your thermostat to go haywire. For example, your system might begin short cycling, it may fail to turn on entirely, its parts might break down or there might be a power surge that takes your whole system offline. For these issues, you will need repair or maintenance services from a licensed HVAC technician.

Thermostat Problems

Finally, the source of your problem might lie in the thermostat itself. Your device might be old, glitchy or have preprogrammed settings. In some cases, reprogramming the thermostat will resolve the issue.

A thermostat in recovery mode is usually no cause for alarm. If an issue does exist, we’d be glad to help you. Just call us at Air Solutions Heating and Cooling to schedule your thermostat service in Sumter, SC today.

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