Why Isn’t My Ductless System Cooling My Sumter Home?

If you’ve installed a ductless air conditioning system to deal with Sumter, SC’s hot and humid summer weather, it can be quite a shock when the system stops cooling or can no longer cool your home or office enough. While it’s frustrating when your ductless system doesn’t cool your home, a professional can help diagnose and fix the following issues so your space can become comfortable once more.

The Filter or System Is Dirty

Your ductless system might not be cooling properly because the filter needs to be changed. Also, debris and leaves could be blocking the outdoor coil. Make sure you regularly change the filter and clear any debris from the outdoor unit, so that your ductless air condition can run more efficiently.

The Indoor and Outdoor Units Aren’t Communicating

Your ductless system can’t blow cool air inside of the external machinery. Furthermore, poor wiring can disrupt the signal between the indoor and outdoor units. The machinery outside may power on, but there’s no activity inside, or your ductless system works only in one room. A professional may replace wiring that’s faulty or not correctly installed to help restore the signal between both parts of your ductless air conditioner.

It’s Low On Coolant

Your ductless air conditioner may be low on coolant if it’s not cooling your home. This can happen when the system becomes damaged and develops a leak. You’ll need professional service to diagnose and repair this issue. The pros at Air Solutions Heating and Cooling is happy to help get you back to feeling comfortable as soon as possible.

These are just a few of the reasons why your ductless air conditioner might not be cooling. For help with your ductless cooling system, contact Air Solutions Heating and Cooling today. We always put your comfort first.

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