AC Controls & Thermostats in Sumter, SC and Surrounding Areas Including Shaw AFB

AC controls and thermostats have come a long way over the past few years. Smart AC thermostats are easy to program, adjustable from a phone app and full of helpful information. Simpler traditional air conditioner controls remain available for those who don’t care to take advantage of new wireless and connected-home features.
Air Solutions Heating and Cooling has a full line of smart and traditional AC thermostats. We’ll help you choose the right thermostat for your needs, assist you in setting it up and make sure you understand how to use the features. If you’re not currently using a programmable thermostat to adjust your home’s temperature, a new thermostat could help you bring down your utility bills every month.

Traditional Heating and Air Conditioner Controls

As you decide between a smart home thermostat and a traditional version, there are a few things to consider. Traditional programmable thermostats are affordable on any budget and can be installed by a handy homeowner. They are best suited to households that follow a fairly predictable schedule so the programming doesn’t need to be updated frequently.

AC Controls and Thermostats in Sumter, SC

Smart Heating and AC Thermostats

Smart thermostats are available with a number of convenience features, but the prices are higher than simple controllers and installation may require a professional. You can expect a touchscreen that displays the temperature outside, remote access from a smartphone or tablet and easy-to-use, flexible programming. Some models include maintenance features such as system diagnostics and reminders to check the air filter.

Trane’s ComfortLink II thermostats feature zoned AC controls and are compatible with the Nexia Bridge smart home hub system as well as Amazon Alexa devices. If your schedule is unpredictable but you still want to save energy when the house is empty, the ability to remotely access the thermostat could be the most appealing feature.

More Considerations for Thermostats

Most thermostats will work with all types of HVAC systems. However, two-stage heat pumps, integrated dehumidifiers, zoned systems and other specialized equipment may require special AC controls. If you’re upgrading to a smart thermostat, the wiring in your home could also affect your options. For advanced thermostats, installation service from an Air Solutions Heating and Cooling professional guarantees a positive outcome with little disruption to the household.

Professional Comfort Solutions in Sumter, SC

Whether you’re leaning toward a traditional programmable thermostat or an upgrade to a wireless model with all the bells and whistles, Air Solutions Heating and Cooling has the information you need. In Sumter and the Shaw AFB area, no other HVAC company is more committed to your satisfaction. We tell it like it is, honestly and ethically, and we guarantee our work.

Contact us today to learn more about the options for heating and AC controls. Call today or send us an email. Our experts are ready to help you stay more comfortable at home.

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