The How and Why of Programmable Thermostats in Shaw AFB, SC

After years of services, it might be time to replace your thermostat. With so many options available in Shaw AFB, including non-programmable and programable ones, you’re wondering which one best suits your needs. Below are reasons why most experts recommend installing programmable thermostats.

Saves You Money

This is the most significant advantage of these control devices, and it’s the reason most people switch to a programmable device. With the recent increase in energy costs, you need to find methods to reduce your expenses.

You can achieve it best using this device. It enables you to customize a plan that meets your schedule, i.e., only to condition your house when you’re there. As a result, you can save utility costs because it doesn’t heat and cool your home when you’re away.

Advanced Features

Some of these devices have smart features, which you can control remotely using a smartphone or a computer. They have Wi-Fi compatibility and mobile device syncing features. Moreover, there are more advanced options with Google compatibility, which enables you to operate with your local weather forecast.

In addition, others have locks so you can prevent access to the settings. It ensures nobody interferes with the temperatures unexpectedly. It would be best to inform your custom needs to your system contractor; they’ll help you decide on the best device appropriate for your home.

Helps You Keep a Consistent Temperature

Another advantage of programmable control devices is keeping a perfect temperature in your home. Consequently, you’ll meet your family’s comfort needs even when you’re away.

Instead of operating on high temperatures during the hot months, it maintains a constant level and vice versa during winter because it follows the programmed schedule. This means you won’t have hot and cold spots in various areas of your home.

Optimizes Your HVAC system

Does your system show signs of inefficiency, yet you lack the finances to replace it? HVAC contractors advise first pairing it with this device before deciding to purchase a new one.

It’ll help reduce your system’s workload so it can operate at its best, which means minimal strain. This gives you a little more time to pull through the season. If you finally resolve to purchase a new system, you can still pair it with the old device until it reaches its life expectancy.

Increases Your Homes Efficiency

Keeping your home energy efficient is one goal you must achieve in all seasons. Installing this control device helps your home to utilize energy resources effectively. This is because you automatically cut energy consumption when your system isn’t running.

These devices allow you to set the temperature depending on everyone’s daily schedules. For instance, you can switch off the system when nobody is home. As a result, you’ll save electricity bills and preserve your system in the long run.

You Spend Less Time Adjusting

With a busy work schedule and other important duties, such as preparing your kids for school, adjusting your home temperature before leaving is the last thing in your mind. Most of the time, you’ll remember that you didn’t get it done while at work.

Luckily, with programmable devices you’re able to adjust the temperature depending on the season. Thus, you don’t need to spend much time altering the settings. In contrast, with the non-programmable ones, failure to make these adjustments might result in skyrocketing utility bills. Programmable devices save you that hassle. Once it’s set, you can forget about it since you’re certain everything is working effectively.

Are you worrying about high utility bills this season? Our company has got you covered. Contact Air Solutions Heating and Cooling for AC controls and thermostats in Shaw AFB and the surrounding areas. We’re a Trane Comfort Specialist and we employ NATE-certified technicians, so you know your HVAC equipment is in good hands every time you call us for help. What’s more, we offer a 10-year warranty on parts, a 10-year warranty on labor, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every service we provide.

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