4 Tips for Reducing the Frequency of Emergency Heating Repairs

We understand how Sumter, SC, homeowners feel when faced with furnace repairs. At the minimum, you’re frustrated with the inconvenience. The other end of the spectrum is the potential health risk associated with a sudden furnace breakdown. To prevent unnecessary anxiety and stress, here are four tips for reducing emergency heating repairs in your Sumter home.

Don’t Ignore Changes

Small things such as a new noise, a higher fuel bill, or the tripping of a circuit breaker are frequently early warning signs that something is wrong with your heating unit. Don’t ignore these changes. Although your furnace might not break down immediately, over time, these small difficulties can become expensive headaches.

Reduce the Workload on Your Furnace

Furnace repairs often stem from the wear and tear on an overworked furnace. The harder the effort, the sooner your furnace will need replacement parts. There are several things you can do to help reduce the workload on your furnace:

  • Install a smart thermostat so that your furnace only runs when you need it.
  • Regularly clean or change air filters.
  • Make sure your Sumter home is well insulated.
  • Check vents, registers, and the area around your outside unit to make sure there’s adequate airflow.

Follow a Regular Maintenance Schedule

Regular maintenance is hands down the best way to reduce emergency furnace repairs. An annual tune-up by the pros at Air Solutions Heating and Cooling identifies potential issues before they become full-blown problems that lead to inconvenient, and perhaps costly, heating repairs.

Take Advantage of Our Service Plans

Belt problems, dirty burners, and malfunctioning thermostats are among the heating repairs you can typically avoid when you take a proactive approach to furnace maintenance. To learn more about how preventive maintenance improves your health and comfort, check out the silver, gold, and platinum service plans we offer at Air Solutions Heating and Cooling or call us at (803) 753-4830.

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