4 Top Smart Thermostat Features You’d Want to Have

Installing a smart thermostat in your Shaw AFB, South Carolina, home can improve HVAC performance and reduce energy bills. It’s important to know the recommended features to look for in a smart thermostat. Read on to learn about the four must-have smart thermostat features.

Remote Access

One of the biggest and most useful features in modern thermostats is the ability to control your heating and cooling unit via a mobile phone or the web. With smartphones now being ubiquitous, you can adjust your indoor temperature settings remotely from several feet across the room or thousands of miles away on another continent.

Vacation/Holiday Mode

This feature allows you to switch your thermostat on or off via your smartphone using a technology called geofencing. The geofence is an electronic boundary that you set within your thermostat app. Once you cross the boundary, your thermostat will switch itself on or off depending on your distance to the home. With this feature, you can put the thermostat in vacation mode to save energy. Once you reach the preset distance, the thermostat comes online and your living space is at the ideal temperature when you step through the door.

Room Sensors

Room sensors allow you to create specific zones in different parts of your home. Instead of keeping the whole house at the same temperature, these sensors monitor motion in each location. The thermostat will only supply controlled air to the room if it is occupied. This can improve HVAC efficiency and reduce energy bills.

Energy Tracking

An excellent feature to have in a smart thermostat is energy tracking and reports. The device will monitor your energy usage and provide periodic reports with a breakdown of the peak times. These reports can help improve the way you use your HVAC system and can reduce your utility bills.

At Air Solutions Heating and Cooling, we provide top-quality AC controls and smart thermostats to improve HVAC performance and reduce your energy bills. Contact us today at 803-753-4830.

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