Reasons to Consider Getting an AC Replacement

You rely on your home’s air conditioning system to provide a cool respite during summers in Sumter, SC, and a timely AC replacement could solve the problem if your air conditioner isn’t as dependable as it was. Consider the following reasons for upgrading your air conditioning equipment to beat the summer heat.

Frequent Repairs

Air conditioning equipment needs maintenance and minor repairs periodically. However, if you call for air conditioning repair services several times a season, you’re wasting money. Replacing an underperforming, money-sucking appliance with a state-of-the-art system with modern features like variable-speed compressors and app-controlled cooling affords you a wealth of energy savings.

What’s the best way to know if it’s worth it to replace a failing AC system rather than repair it? Do a little math. Multiply the age of the system by the repair estimate. Is the total more than $5,000? If so, ask your service technician to recommend replacement options.

Aging System

Wine might improve with age, but not your air conditioning system. Aging air conditioners must work harder to achieve the same results they did several years early. They use energy less efficiently and break down more often. Well-maintained AC units can last 15-20 years, but most start experiencing age-related problems around the 10-year mark.

Not sure how old your system is? Here are some tips for figuring out this vital piece of information:

  • Check the condenser plate located on the outdoor unit
  • Note the brand, model, and serial number on the plate and do an internet search (Building Intelligence Center is a great resource) for the manufacture date
  • Determine the installation date, which usually aligns closely with the unit’s manufacture date

If you’re still unsure about the unit’s age, contact HVAC professionals to help you decide.

Sky-High Energy Bills

Another reason to consider AC replacement is skyrocketing energy costs. New air conditioning models use less energy without sacrificing comfort. For questions about AC replacement and professional installation services, contact Air Solutions Heating and Cooling.

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